Intelligence Squared (IQ2)

Sundays 3-4 p.m.
  • Hosted by John Donvan

Rethink your point of view with Intelligence Squared (IQ2), Oxford-style debates on the day’s most pressing issues. This award-winning series has produced more than 100 debates with topics ranging from the death penalty and genetically modified foods, to the Middle East and same-sex marriage.

Intelligence Squared U.S. is the program for listeners who crave a clear view of the big questions that divide Americans. Moderated by journalist John Donvan, each episode brings together world thinkers, policy makers and journalists, two on two, arguing the pros and cons of cultural, domestic and foreign policy issues. Listeners weigh in and vote for a winning team. Expect ear-catching, provocative radio that enlightens, entertains and informs.

John Donvan keeps the conversation on track.
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