Will government aid be enough to offset farmers' tariffs losses?

Aug 27, 2018

(U.S. Edition) NAFTA negotiators from Mexico and the U.S. met through the weekend to work out the details of their trade agreement. What's the rush? Negotiations have to be wrapped up by September 1 if the Trump administration wants the current congress to vote on it. Then, government aid is coming to U.S. farmers hit by tariffs, but probably won’t be enough. Farmers are due some relief in the form of subsidies from the USDA, the agency says it it will be spending $12 billion on relief efforts. However, corn, wheat, soybean and dairy farmers caught up in the escalating trade war say they don’t even know how to calculate the total losses. After, we speak to Cathy Cohen from the University of Chicago about her recent findings on gender parity and feminism in the latest GenForward survey of millennials. According to the study, the majority of young people support equality for women but they don't all call themselves feminists.  

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