Union Members Protest Lack Of Contact Negotiations

Jun 9, 2015

Union members lined Jefferson Street in Springfield.
Credit Lisa Ryan/WUIS

Gov. Bruce Rauner and state employees have yet to reach an agreement for contracts. Union members gathered in Springfield on Tuesday to protest what they say are unfair proposals from the governor.

After more than six months of negotiating, an agreement has yet to be reached for state union contacts, which are scheduled to end June 30.

Jennifer Desulis works for the Illinois Department of Revenue and has been a union member for 16 years.

"We do not want a strike. We want everybody to have a resolution," she said. "We want a fair contract. We want services to continue on for the whole community, for the whole state."

Unions say Rauner wants to freeze wages and cut the number of paid holidays. Rauner says he wants state workers to be well compensated, but wants to lower costs to taxpayers.

Union workers also led protests in Kankakee and Decatur, and say they'll continue demonstrations throughout the week.