UIS Launches Fundraising Campaign

Oct 10, 2017

The University of Illinois Springfield plans to establish a center to study President Abraham Lincoln and his continuing relevance.

The initiative is one of several priorities for a $40 million fundraising campaign the university launched Tuesday.

“It is not something that is focused on just Lincoln himself and the history that is important to the Center for Lincoln Studies,” said Jeff Lorber, vice chancellor for advancement at UIS. “But also taking a look at how Lincoln can be applied in today’s problems.”

The university aims to raise the money over the next five years to fund the center, as well as scholarships, academic programs and facilities upgrades, according to Lorber.

“We are looking for support for virtually every area of campus,” he said.

University officials hope both alumni and community members contribute to the fundraising campaign.

The campaign has already raised $18.4 million towards its goal.