UI Censured For Dismissing Salaita

Jun 13, 2015

Steven Salaita appeared at a press conference at the U. of I. in 2014
Credit WILL

The American Association of University Professors voted today to censure the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the state’s flagship university. Censure is a means of informing the academic community worldwide that the administration of an institution “has not adhered to generally recognized principles of academic freedom and tenure.”

The AAUP's report is available HERE.

AAUP also voted to censure three other schools — M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas; University of Southern Maine; and Felician College in New Jersey.

The U. of I. was censured due to its treatment of Steven Salaita, who was offered and had accepted a tenured professorship at the U. of I. in 2014 when the job offer was withdrawn to Salaita's social media posts. He has since sued the university, and has so far rebuffed the school's efforts to reach a financial settlement.

There are 55 other institutions currently under censure. The full list is available HERE.