Two Years After Rauner's 'Turnaround Agenda,' Democrats Offer 'Comeback Agenda'

Mar 29, 2017

It’s been two years since Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner unveiled his Republican “Turnaround Agenda.” On Wednesday, a group of rank-and-file Democratic legislators responded with their own “Comeback Agenda.”

State Sen. Don Harmon, a Democrat from Oak Park, says the agenda grew out of frustration with the fighting and lack of progress in Springfield.

“We wanted to be for something. We wanted to outline a vision of where Illinois could go,” Harmon says.

The agenda includes a higher minimum wage, expanded access to child care, and a graduated income tax — where people with higher incomes pay a higher tax rate.

“A fair tax would allow us to cut taxes on most Illinois families.”

But that would mean changing the Illinois Constitution, which would require at least some Republican votes.

The state Republican Party criticized the proposal before it had even been released, basically saying the Democrats ought to adopt Gov. Rauner’s agenda.