SUPER GG RADIO - Session 75 - Otter Jokes

Aug 2, 2020

Credit Super GG Radio

We Punt Fall Guys til next week to talk about betas Yarntown, No Straight Roads, and Alex has replaced his tech deck with the 1.0 release of Skater XL in Early Adopters.  Touch on Nintendo leaks and Cuphead ports in the news.  We wrap the week in Backlog Blog, where we finished Gardens Between, and Joel & Alex take a second look at the Switch port of Nowhere Prophet..

Join us!



Early Adopters | News | Backlog Blog | One Last Thing


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Games Discussed:

Yarntown, No Straight Roads, Skater XL, Fall Guys, Gardens Between, Nowhere Prophet


Music Credits:

Introduction: Jazz Hip Hop 1 by Traster
Intermission: Chill Jazzy Lofi Hip Hop by DJ Quads
End Credits: Midnight Snack by DJ Quads
Mixed by Stephen Dvorak
Edited by Alex Orona