SUPER GG RADIO - Session 57 - Here Comes The Shovelware

Mar 29, 2020

Credit Super GG Radio


This week!  Andre Cole from the Gaming Fyx podcast rounds out guest month!  He brings with him the new game hotness - Half Life: Alyx and Doom Eternal!  We also chat about the Resident Evil 3 Remake demo, chat about the games we’re looking forward to from Nintendo’s beefy surprise Nintendo Direct Mini, Getty brings Bastion to the backlog blog, and we cap this episode getting to know Andre a bit better.

Andre and the rest of the Gaming Fyx team can be found at, @fyxpodcasts on twitter, and wherever you listen to podcasts.


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Games Discussed:

Half-Life: Alyx, Doom Eternal, Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo, Destiny 2, Bastion


Music Credits:

Introduction: Jazz Hip Hop 1 by Traster
Intermission: Chill Jazzy Lofi Hip Hop by DJ Quads
End Credits: Midnight Snack by DJ Quads
Mixed by Stephen Dvorak
Edited by Joel DeWitte