SUPER GG RADIO - Session 56 - The Fyx Is In

Mar 22, 2020

Credit Super GG Radio

This week!  Pat from the Gaming Fyx Podcast joins us!  In early adopters, Joel describes the early hours of Paper Cult’s Bloodroots, and Pat gives us a reason to revisit the Spellbreak Beta & try the League of Legends Spin-off Legends of Runeterra in Early Adopter.  We go over the Nintendo Nindie digital event and Sony’s technical showcase of the Playstation 5 in News.  Pat is evangelizing The Crew 2 and Alex is sending his copy of Prey to Joel now that he’s finished it in the Backlog Blog.  Then we take a few minutes to get to know our Podcast compatriot in our Guest Spot.

Pat and the rest of the Gaming Fyx team can be found at, @fyxpodcasts on twitter, and wherever you listen to podcasts.



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Games Discussed:

Bloodroots, Spellbreak Beta, Legends of Runeterra Beta, The Crew 2, Prey


Music Credits:

Introduction: Jazz Hip Hop 1 by Traster 
Intermission: Chill Jazzy Lofi Hip Hop by DJ Quads
End Credits: Midnight Snack by DJ Quads
Mixed by Stephen Dvorak Edited by Joel DeWitte