Statewide: Residents Say Suburban Plant Is To Blame For Cancer Cases; U of I's Minority Enrollment

Nov 16, 2018

Is a plant in Chicago's suburbs to blame for high incidents of cancer in nearby residents?  We talk with a woman diagnosed with breast cancer who believes a chemical used at the plant is the cause.  She and others are asking state lawmakers to take action.  

We also hear how the University of Illinois flagship campus lags many of its peers when it comes to minority student enrollment compared to the high school population.  

Statewide, with host Sean Crawford, brings you reports and conversations from in and around Illinois. 



This week's lineup:

*Steph Whiteside of Illinois Newsroom reports even with greater awareness, many advocates say we still struggle to understand how sexual assault affects survivors.

*Peggy Lowe of Harvest Public Media explains the shift in food stamp use from inner cities to rural areas.

*Commentator Amy Roost recalls growing up in the suburb Deerfield and how race played a role in the development of the community and her family.

*Education Reporter Dusty Rhodes tells us how a new study points out the University of Illinois' low number of minority students.

*Daisy Contreras interviews Jeanne Hochhalter about health concerns she and others have regarding the Sterigenics plant in Willowbrook.

* Susan Stephens of Northern Public Radio profiles two veterans from Illinois who will be honored as part of the state's 200th birthday celebration.

*Sam Dunklau talks with University of Illinois Springfield professor and campaign finance expert Kent Redfield about the role of money in politics on the heels of the most expensive governor's race.

*Rachel Otwell talks with artist Preston Jackson, whose mural depicting victims of Springfield's 1908 race riot receiving medical care, was unveiled at a hospital this week.