Statewide: Remembering A Young COVID-19 Victim

Nov 12, 2020

The coronavirus knows no age limits.  This week on Statewide, we bring you the story of Dani Kater,  McLean County's youngest victim.  Her family recalls a woman in her 30's with no underlying health conditions who passed away this month.

We'll also hear how the pandemic has made it more difficult for those battling addiction.  But also why some say treatment has prepared them for what was to come. 

And a conversation with the next Illinois Senate Republican Leader. 

Our lineup:

* Dana Vollmer from WGLT tells us about the youngest victim of COVID-19 in McLean County.  

Danielle Kater, 30, died last week from COVID-19 complications. She is survived by her husband, Tim Kater, and parents, Tina and Bob Rubin.
Credit Tim Kater

* Christine Herman with Side Effects Public Media reports on how one woman says addiction treatment helped her meet the pandemic head on.  

* Sean Crawford interviews Henry Haupt of the Illinois Secretary of State's Office about the graduated driver's licensing program that appears to have caused a dramatic drop in teen driving deaths. 

* Eric Stock with WGLT  talks with an exercise science professor about wearing masks during high intensity activities, like basketball.  

* Dana Cronin of Harvest Public Media why farm tools, designed for men, are a safety concern for women farmers. 

* Brian Grimmett tells us how the ag industry is using lessons learned from the pandemic to prepare for other infectious diseases.  

* WBEZ's Adriana Cardona-Maguigad talks to a special education teacher about staying motivated during remote learning. 

* Hannah Meisel speaks with the incoming Illinois Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie.  They discuss his vision for the minority party in the General Assembly.  

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