Statewide: A Listen Back

Dec 27, 2018

Statewide began in August of 2018.  As we wrap up the year, this episode looks back at some of the reports and conversations we brought you.  

* Sean Crawford talks to reporter Bruce Rushton of the Illinois Times about a fatal Illinois Air plane crash in 1983.  Rushton wrote about the incident in a recent article. 

* Brian Mackey tells us the truth about what area of the state benefits the most when it comes to return on state tax dollars.  

* Sean Crawford interviews Professor Beverly Bunch from the University of Illinois Springfield about state budgeting.  She tells us what Illinois gets right and what it gets wrong.

* Daisy Contreras takes us on an infrastructure tour to see the maginitude of need.  

* Dusty Rhodes finds a potential solution to the state's teacher shortage.  She tells us about paraprofessionals. 

* Jaclyn Driscoll visits with a farmer who has been working the land for over seven decades. 


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