Statewide: Illinois' Role In The Manhattan Project; The Lingering Debate Over Chief Illiniwek

Jul 30, 2020

As we near the 75th anniversary of atomic bombs being dropped on Japan, we learn about the Manhattan Project and work that was done in Illinois to usher in the atomic age. 

We also find out how the controversy over a retired University of Illinois mascot continues to this day.

Join us for this episode of Statewide.

This week's lineup:

* Kate McGee with WBEZ explains how some students are making the best of a pandemic summer by taking classes online.

* Peter Medlin of WNIJ reports on new Title IX rules that advocates say will chill reporting. 

* Lee Gaines with Illinois Newsroom takes a look at the University of Illinois' retired mascot Chief Illiniwek and why some want to see it return.

* St. Louis Public Radio's Shahla Farzan talks with infectious disease specialist Sr. Christelle Iboudo about how to stay safe during the summer travel season.

* Sean Crawford sits down with author Tara McClellan McAndrew about the Manhattan Project work done at the University of Chicago. 

* Harvest Public Media's Dana Cronin reports on how not all farmers are seeing the benefits of federal emergency aid. 

* WNIJ's Peter Medlin introduces us to a new contact tracer and learns what the job entails. 

* Vivian McCall of WBEZ tells us how some restaurant workers are concerned about the health risks now that they are back on the job. 

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