Statewide: How Long Will The Pritzker Administration's Honeymoon Last?

Jan 4, 2019

Our first show of 2019 brings you more reports and conversations from in and around Illinois.

This week:

* Anna Casey of Illinois Public Media explains there are concerns over rising lot rental costs for some mobile home owners.

* Jonathon Ahl with Harvest Public Media reports on forestry management in the midwest.

* Benjamin Payne with WVIK introduces us to a Quad Cities musician who completed his New Year's resolution of 2018 by writing and recording a song a week:

* Sean Crawford talks with former lawmaker and state government official Jim Nowlan about what he sees ahead for the Pritzker administration. Nowlan is part of the Pritzker transition team.

* Michael Puente of WBEZ travels to Whiting, Indiana to see the new sports mascot hall of fame.

* Illinois Newsroom's Steph Whiteside tells what health groups are doing to regain trust of African Americans and improve their access to care.

* Sue Stephens of Northern Public Radio talks with a Dekalb native working with a school for girls in Kenya.  


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