Statewide: Climate Change In Illinois; Schools Fail Dealing With Sexual Abuse

Dec 13, 2018

With all the talk of climate change and what the future may bring, turns out we're already seeing effects in Illinois.  And a report outlines where schools are missing the mark in helping sexual abuse and harassment victims.  

Statewide brings you reports and conversations from in and around Illinois. 



This week:

* Daisy Contreras travels to the central Illinois town of Pana, a community where Walmart decided to close its store.  What does that mean for smaller communities and is it a symptom of a larger problem?

* Jaclyn Driscoll interviews Don Fullerton, a University of Illinois economist, who has examined the impact of climate change in Illinois.

* Illinois Newsroom's Lee Gaines explains how Illinois colleges and universities have refused to "Ban The Box."  There is growing support to drop the policy of asking college applicants about their criminal history. 

* Rachel Otwell tells us how a report finds schools are lacking in dealing with sexual harassment and abuse.

* We also talk with Rachel about her new reporting project, partnering with ProPublica.

* Sam Dunklau speaks with Attorney General Lisa Madigan for an update on her investigation of clergy sex abuse.

* Grant Gerlock of Harvest Public Media outlines the new federal Farm Bill.

* Mary Hansen visits with a consultant for his take on the future of retail spaces

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