Statewide: Big Political Differences Across Illinois; Rural Health Challenges

Nov 9, 2018

It can be a struggle to live in rural Illinois.  A study finds lack of access to quality healthcare is a major reason.  And if you live outside of the Chicago area, the Illinois political landscape is often quite different.  We learn how the latest election results continue to shape the political divide. That and more on this episode.

Statewide, with host Sean Crawford, brings you reports and conversations from in and around Illinois.


The lineup for this week:

* Jaclyn Driscoll interviews Dr. Linda Renee Baker about the latest findings on rural health in Illinois.

* Daisy Contreras explains how a non-profit is telling the story of asylum seekers with the project Asylum City.

* Education reporter Dusty Rhodes on a new initiativde to diversify the teacher workforce.

* Sean Crawford speaks with reporter Mary Hansen regarding the "Year of the Woman" in politcs and whether or not it lived up to the billing in Illinois.

* Our Illinois Issues report comes from Sam Dunklau and Maureen McKinney who asked some political vets in the state to give advice to Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker.

* Sean Crawford interviews Professor John Jackson about election results and what they show about Illinois' political geography.

* A commentator tells us why she observes Veteran's Day alone in her garden.