Statehouse Summary- Same Day Voter Registration & Pension Appeal

Dec 4, 2014

Credit Brian Mackey/WUIS

The Illinois Senate has passed legislation that would raise the state's minimum wage. The legislation would by 2019 increase Illinois' minimum wage to $11 an hour for workers 18 and older. The bill won't impact Chicago's decision to raise its wage to $13 by 2019.  The House adjourned without voting on it.

 _ Illinois lawmakers have approved a plan that makes same-day voter registration permanent. The concept was tried out last month under legislation lawmakers approved in the spring. The plan also extended early voting and made it easier to vote on college campuses. Supporters say voters should have every opportunity to register and cast a ballot through Election Day.  

 The Illinois Legislature has passed legislation regulating drivers in the emerging ridesharing industry. Both the House and Senate approved legislation creating statewide regulations for drivers working for ridesharing services. Democratic state Representative Mike Zalewski agreed to work with ridesharing companies as he drafted the new legislation.  
 Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court over a lower court's declaration that the state's pension overhaul law is unconstitutional. The law adopted a year ago was designed to reduce the state's more-than $100 billion liability in its retirement accounts for state employees. The law reduced pension contributions but also cut pension benefits to save money.