State Week: Rauner 'Not In Charge'? Pritzker Hiding Money?

Gov. Bruce Rauner on Monday declared he's "not in charge" of Illinois government. Rather, he says, House Speaker Michael Madigan is really running the show.

That same day, Rep. Jeannie Ives filed to challenge Rauner in the Republican primary, saying the governor has "betrayed" their party.

Meanwhile, Rauner attacked Democratic candidate J.B. Pritzker for keep money in offshore accounts — though Rauner himself came under fire for just that practice in his 2014 campaign. Democratic state Sen. Daniel Biss is criticizing Pritzker and Chris Kennedy for only releasing the cover pages of their tax returns, rather than the detailed schedules. (Rauner has also only ever released those basic documents.)

Sean Crawford hosts with regular panelists Charlie Wheeler and Brian Mackey, and guest Matt Dietrich of the Better Government Association.

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