Springfield Police Lieutenant Retires Days After Receiving Promotion

May 12, 2014

Earlier this month,  the Springfield Police Department promoted two sergeants to the rank of lieutenant.  One has already retired, able to earn a higher pension because of the promotion.

Credit commons.wikimedia.org

Under state law, retiring police officers are allowed to collect pension benefits based on rank for their last day of employment.

Springfield Alderman Joe McMenamin says a lieutenant retiring at a rank he never served is quote 'offensive.' He says the public doesn't appreciate a "revolving door of promotions right before retirement.”

But Deputy Chief Dennis Arnold says the department didn't know the officer was going to retire so soon.

"Currently there are no ordinances or civil service rules that forbid that.  So we have--is it an ideal situation for the department? Absolutely not."

Cities across the state have argued pension costs are stretching their budgets and resulting in higher taxes and less services.

Arnold says the Springfield department had to promote the 26 year police veteran.  He says the new rank resulted in a $1,000 pay increase. The change means a slightly higher pension payout.