Springfield Has A New Mayor: Langfelder Sworn In

May 7, 2015

Jim Langfelder

Springfield's new mayor is promising to work in a collaborative fashion to address the city's needs.  Jim Langfelder took the oath of office Thursday afternoon in a ceremony at Sangamon Auditorium.

He says his administration will be transparent and will work for all parts of the city.  He says his top priority is stabilizing the utility CWLP.  He also called for establishing wi fi downtown and developing a second water source.

"The the collective mindset of doing what is best for Springfield and the sincere input and support of the public and city council, we will have a city council of the people, by the people and for the people and we will make Springfield the model city for all families to thrive," he said.

Langfelder assumes the mayor's office 20 years after his father Ossie left the job.  

He says he will go through all parts of government to find efficiencies.  He succeeds Mike Houston as mayor.  Langfelder presented Houston with artists' print of the downtown as a gift during the ceremony. 

Also taking office Thursday: City Clerk Frank Lesko, City Treasurer Misty Buscher and city council members.