Springfield Council Sets Ward Boundaries

May 20, 2014

The political boundaries for Springfield aldermen have been set.  The city council approved a new ward map last night on a 9-1 vote.  It will take into account census data.  The map design also was done to ensure an African American represents Ward 2.  

Credit WUIS/Lee Strubinger
Teresa Haley, president of the Springfield NAACP  who was present at the council meeting says the group will be taking a look at the map.    “We just want to make sure that all citizens of Springfield are represented.  Because we realize that the community has shifted.  What used to be the old west side is now the east side.  So our community is changing with the census and we’re aware of that," Haley said.  "And we think that minorities have enough support within the community in terms of diversity to get elected on their own. Not because they’re black or because they’re white.”  Ward 6 Alderman Cory Jobe was the only "no" vote.  The map change tacks on additional land to his ward south of I-72.  Jobe says it does not keep his ward "intact".  The new ward boundaries will go into effect for next year's elections.   See the new ward map here.