Springfield Approves Budget, Creates New Position

Feb 27, 2014

The city of Springfield approved a nearly 600 million dollar budget Wednesday for the new fiscal year.

Credit springfield.il.us

New to the budget this year is an inspector general position, which officials set aside 79 thousand dollars to fund. 

Council member Cory Jobe before making the position permanent, they will look at results from the first year.

“This isn’t a new idea.  Former Mayor Karen Hasara created this position.  And I think it’s time we get a position that we can feel comfortable with over the next year and then if this is something that we really need a full time presence is something we will have to work with the administration and come back and next budget season and fully fund it,” Jobe said.

Jobe says next week, aldermen will begin discussing how they want the position to work.

Alderman Cory Jobe and other aldermen demanded the new job be added.  He says the taxpayers need someone they can trust in city hall.

“The focus needs to be that we need a position that taxpayers can respect and be appreciative of. Of all the problems that are going on in city hall, now’s the time to create this position," Jobe said.