Some Lawmakers Propose Plan To Halt Their Pay Unless There Is A "Balanced Budget"

Apr 18, 2016

It's now close to a year since Illinois had a budget in place. The impasse has led to increased attention for what many consider a financial crisis. On Sunday, comptroller Leslie Munger announced pay for the legislature and its constitutional officers will be delayed, as have many payments for vendors and service-providers . The amount of unpaid bills is nearing $8 billion. Meanwhile, some members of the legislature are trying to pass a measure that would cease their pay as well - and make it contingent on passing a "balanced budget."

Representative Avery Bourne, a Republican from Raymond, is one co-sponsor of the proposal. We talked in her office in the Stratton building across from the statehouse for this interview: 

Rep. Bourne was appointed to replace Wayne Rosenthal, who was chosen by the governor to head the Department of Natural Resources. She's running in this election for a 2-year appointment. Also running to represent the 95th district is Democrat Mike Mathis,  Macoupin County circuit clerk  and past president of the Illinois Democratic County Chairmen's Association.