Soda, tea, herbs and shrubs: alcohol optional beverages for summer get-togethers

Jul 12, 2019

Sheela Prakash Photo: Emily Delameter

What summer cookout or party would be complete without refreshing drinks? If your get-together includes guests who are over and under 21 years old there are some great ways to build alcohol-optional beverages using sodas, teas, herbs and drinking vinegars aka shrubs. Sheela Prakash is a food writer, recipe developer, and an editor at The Kitchn. She talked with Francis Lam about fun non-alcoholic drinks you can make by the pitcher that are easily converted to full-on cocktails for the 21+ set. She shared with us her recipe for Easy Soda and Shrub mocktail. You can also ready her full piece on drinking shrubs via The Kitchn.