Setting the Record Not-So-Straight: Rights Group Pushes Inclusive History in IL Classrooms

Feb 19, 2018

Equality Illinois' logo

An advocacy group says Illinois schools are in need of more diverse history lessons. Equality Illinois is behind a new statehouse proposal that would require the curriculum to include lessons on people who made history and were LGBTQ+.


Mike Ziri , the group’s Public Policy director, said many of the state’s school-aged children who don’t identify as heterosexual feel left out of history lessons.

“They don’t see themselves represented. It’s important that curriculum represent the full spectrum of learned and lived experiences, because schools are places where students should be affirmed, and celebrated for who they are,” he said.

 The proposal would require schools that receive state funding purchase textbooks that  portray social diversity, and that are "non-discriminatory." 

 The conservative Illinois Family Institute calls the the measure "outrageous and offensive."