Rutherford Expects No Backlash For State GOP Candidates

Oct 16, 2013


Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford doesn’t think he will see a backlash against Republicans in next year’s race for governor. Some recent polls have shown most Americans disapprove the way congressional Republicans handled the budget.
Rutherford says he doesn’t think the conflicts in Washington, D-C will be a factor in a race closer to home - like his bid to win the Republican nomination for governor.

"I think there will be some, perhaps, greater sensitivity for some of the congressional candidates than the gubernatorial," Rutherford said. "My sense is that the public of Illinois is really going to be looking at the gubernatorial candidate as to who they are and how they can help fix what Illinois is."

Rutherford says - as Treasurer - he had to pursue alternative investments for 1-point-2 billion dollars the state owned in U-S Treasury bills - in case Congress didn’t raise the debt ceiling.
Rutherford faces venture capitalist Bruce Rauner and State Senators Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard in the Republican primary.