Rockford Saw Rash Of Juvenile Crime After Cuts to Redeploy Program

Jun 8, 2016

Gov. Bruce Rauner plans to close the Kewanee Youth Center. Redeploy Illinois aims to keep juveniles out of such detention centers.
Credit Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice / Kewanee

A program meant to rehabilitate juvenile offenders hasn’t seen state funding while Illinois has gone for almost a year without a budget. The program, called Redeploy Illinois, has had to make cutbacks, leaving more than 100 teens without services.

A recent report from the Associated Press found that some young people who lost access to the program have committed new violations, including a string of crimes in Rockford early this year. Illinois Issues editor Jamey Dunn talked with Associated Press reporter Sophia Tareen about her story. 

You can read Tareen's story here