Redpath Annouces Run For Ward 1

Jun 19, 2014

A familiar face to the Springfield City Council hopes to return after a hiatus from city government.  Chuck Redpath is running for alderman, again.  But this time to represent the city's first ward:

Credit WUIS/Lee Strubinger

Chuck Redpath previously served on the city council for 20 years starting in 1987.  He was elected when the city's legislative body shifted from an at large to a representative style government, sectioning the city off into 10 separate wards.  Redpath represented the city's fourth ward.   He was forced off the council due to term limits.
Looking at the current city government, Redpath says the council and the mayor's administration need to communicate better...

"Let's talk about things and get it out.  Again... the ego thing.  Check you're ego at the door.  This is not about you, this is about the taxpayers and what we're going to do for the city."

The current ward one alderman, Frank Edwards, must step down from his seat next year due to term limits.  Edwards is running for the city treasurer's office.
Term limits only effect contiguous terms as an alderman.  That's why Redpath can run for ward one in the fall.