Rauner Wants Lame Ducks To Lay Off

Nov 6, 2014

Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner stands before his newly-announced transition team; days after the election he said lawmakers should hold off making major decisions until he takes over.
Credit Amanda Vinicky

Even though the race for Illinois governor is over, Gov. Pat Quinn and Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner continue to be at odds, this time over the minimum wage.

When he made his brief concession speech, Quinn said there was one goal he'd like to accomplish before leaving office: increasing the minimum wage.

But Rauner (who says he has not spoken with Quinn since the election) says lawmakers should hold off making any major policy changes until he takes over early next year.

"So we can all deal with it together on a bipartisan basis," he said. "Because the impact of major decisions can be so lasting,and it can have such a dramatic change on the future of the state. To have those decisions made by folks who are on their way out of office, in their last few days in office, that would be very inappropriate."

That includes the minimum wage. Rauner says he believes strongly in raising the wage, and wants the General Assembly to do so, but he says it should be part of an overall package that's paired with workers' compensation and tax structure overhauls.