Rauner Signs Bill To Make Expelling Preschoolers Illegal

Aug 15, 2017

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed legislation that makes it illegal to expel toddlers from preschools.

Backers of the new law point to a study that says toddlers and other Illinois preschoolers are expelled at a rate three times greater than their older, school-age counterparts.

“I just want you to let that sink in.”

State Rep. Juliana Stratton is a Democrat from Chicago.

“When you see expulsion in early years, it leads to higher suspension and expulsion rates in later grades."

While expulsions are now prohibited, preschools do still have options for children with significant behavioral problems.

Working with parents, they first have to seek counseling and social services. If that doesn’t work, kids can be moved into a more suitable program.

The law applies to any preschool that’s licensed by Illinois or receives state funding.

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