Rauner Proposes Deep Spending Cuts

Feb 18, 2015

Gov. Bruce Rauner speaks at his inauguration ceremony in this January 2015 file photo.
Credit Brian Mackey/WUIS

  Gov. Bruce Rauner is proposing deep spending cuts across state government. The Republican presented his first budget proposal to lawmakers Wednesday.

  Illinois’ finances are ailing. That’s been a story for years, but the situation got a lot worse at the beginning of the year when a tax cut took effect.

Rauner is proposing significant cuts to everything from healthcare for the poor to universities.

“We must be willing to take actions we’d rather avoid, and make decisions that may seem unpopular in the short run, but serve the best interests of the people of Illinois in the long run," Rauner said.

One area in which Rauner wants to increase funding is for elementary and high schools.

This is just the opening salvo in what’s expected to be a long fight among Rauner and Democrats — and even some Republicans — who want to protect what they view as the essential role of state government.