Rauner Offers Rare Public Display Of Affection For Trump

Aug 15, 2018

Gov. Bruce Rauner makes remarks at GOP rally at the Illinois State Fair.
Credit Jaclyn Driscoll / NPR Illinois

In an effort to deliver a message of unity in the Republican party, both statewide and nationally, Gov. Bruce Rauner offered a rare show of support for the Commander in Chief at Wednesday's GOP rally in Springfield. 

The Republican governor regularly distances himself from President Donald Trump, sometimes refusing to even say his name.

Now, following a divisive primary and facing a third party conservative challenger,  Rauner may be looking to earn back support from the far-right by praising Trump.

“The president is doing important work to cut taxes. That’s outstanding," said Rauner. "(He) cut the red tape on regulations and business. That’s outstanding. He’s fighting hard to get fair trade... That’s awesome. The president’s doing great work. I support that.”

Rauner did condemn Trump for calling his former White House aid a “dog” in a recent tweet. Rauner called that “appalling rhetoric.”