Proposal Would Establish Fund For Police Training, Body Cameras

May 27, 2015

Credit wikimedia commons

An Illinois proposal would provide funding for police body cameras.

The measure creates procedures for arrests and traffic stops, including pedestrian searches. Incidents like officer-involved shootings and arrests would have a standard protocol across Illinois, and the proposal would require more police training.

Funding would come from an increase in fines for traffic tickets.

Democratic Rep. Elgie Sims says when police officers wear body cameras, both the community and police benefit.

"Transparency breeds confidence, and that's what we're after," Sims said. "We want to make sure the process is transparent, the interactions are professional, on both sides."

The cameras would record the entire time an officer is on duty, except in certain situations, like if a crime victim asks the officer to turn off the camera. The recordings would be deleted within 90 days unless an arrest or shooting occurred during the recording.