Proposal Would Allow Funeral Rights for Transgender People

May 18, 2015

Transgender Pride Flag

A bill moving through the General Assembly would allow transgender people more rights post-mortem.

 Some people feel their true gender is different than the biological sex they were born into.   A bill heading to the Senate floor would allow transgender people more control when it comes to making final arrangements.   Mike Ziri from Equality Illinois says the measure would allow the person to determine ...   "Their appearance in the casket ... chosen name the appropriate gender pronouns they prefer. So it's a small provision to that effect but it has a big effect in that it'll ensure respect for the person's wishes ... it'll provide solace to a transgender person for end of life decisions."   Ziri says the LGBT community already faces significant challenges during their lifetime and should not have to fight over their appearance in the casket and how they will be referred to in memorial services.   I'm Brittanie Brooks.