Plans Not Yet Clear For Lincoln Funeral Recreation

Apr 21, 2015

Credit Rachel Otwell/WUIS

Even if you're not into history and couldn't care less about a funeral recreation, you still might want to know what roads will be closed for the event. But according to Katie Spindell, who heads The Lincoln Funeral Coalition, it's not yet known. She says a list of road closures will go online soon. As for parking for those who do wish to attend, Spindell says, "It will be very difficult. I am asked about parking all the time, and, 'Where can I come in?' And I most of the time I throw my hands up and say, 'I don't know. I'm wondering how I will do this.'"

The group and city at large are taking flak.  An opinion piece in The State Journal-Register says plans for the big event, most of which will center on the funeral procession from downtown to Oak Ridge Cemetery on Saturday May 2nd, are hard to understand. Editors say the city should make information for residents more readily available.