Outgoing U Of I President Receives Bonus Pay

May 7, 2015

Robert Easter
Credit Univ. of Illinois

The University of Illinois Board of Trustees has voted to give retiring President Robert Easter a bonus as he prepares to retire.

Easter will receive the additional $167,200 even though he is leaving office May 18.

Board Chairman Ed McMillan says the award was performance based and a part of the president's contract.

"So it wasn't a raise it was actually the payment of the performance bonus objectives which was established at the beginning of the year," McMillan said.

Easter earns a lower base salary than his predecessor.  But his contract includes incentives that allow his pay to go up. This year, his total compensation will be near $645,758.  That still ranks him in the bottom half of Big Ten presidents.

Easter, who is in his third year as president, has spent four decades with the U of I. He is getting the extra money in part for helping with the new leadership transition.  Timothy Killeen will take over this month.