No Plans For Local Weapons Ban In Springfield

Jul 10, 2013

M4 semiautomatic carbine
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The new law regulating the concealed carry of handguns in Illinois will also revoke larger cities' power to enact new or updated bans on bigger weapons.

Cities with "home rule" authority have just 10 days to get an assault weapons ban on the books.  The mayor of Chicago is pushing to make the gun laws it has in place even tougher.

 The City of Springfield doesn't have a ban, and as Peter Gray reports, there's no movement by city leaders to change that. 

Springfield Mayor Mike Houston says the issue of a citywide ban on assault-style rifles has not not even been discussed and sees no need to consider it.

Houston: "Even though under the legislation we have a 10 day window of opportunity, I do not see this City Council taking any action with regards to that."

Not a single member of the City Council said they'd support enacting a ban.  Alderman Kris Theilen says the City of Chicago needs to get rid of failing gun laws rather than pass more:

Theilen: "They have some of the highest gun violence in the entire nation.  You look at these other cities that allow conceal carry in other states...  Houston has less gun violence than Chicago.  I think there's a correlation.  I think Chicago needs to let go."

Alderman Tim Griffin happened to be celebrating his birthday Tuesday night.  He says the passage of concealed carry was like another gift:

Griffin: "I'm completely, 100 percent happy.  They gave me that for my birthday present.  As a Second Amendment guy, I'm glad they finally stepped to the plate.  I heard all of the excuses Governor Quinn came up with.  I believe none of them hold water." 

You don't often hear Springfield leaders pleased with action taken by state lawmakers.  The new concealed carry law appears to be public policy they think is on target.