Newest Technology for Hunting and Fishing May Not Make It To Illinois

Feb 16, 2015

Proponents of hunting and fishing with drones say the technology can be used for surveillance.

A handful of states have already passed measures that would ban the use of drones to hunt or fish, and Illinois could be next.

Senator Julie Morrison sees her bill as a precautionary measure. She says hunting and fishing with drones hasn't yet become a problem in Illinois, but the Democrat from Deerfield wants to make sure it never is.

"Drones are a piece of technology that we are not completely prepared to deal with yet, but this will be one step forward," she said.

Some hunters agree with Morrison. They say banning drones would keep the "sport" in hunting and fishing, and that relying so heavily on technology would give hunters an unfair advantage.

Opponents to the proposal say drones are no different than using cameras for surveillance.