Mission Control: Audience Service Criteria (ASC)

May 13, 2016

Each year when NPR Illinois applies for its Corporation for Public Broadcasting  (CPB) Community Service Grant (CSG) certain qualifications must be met.  This grant is the federally appropriated dollars that public broadcasters can receive as dispersed by the independent CPB.  The CPB works diligently to make sure the stations are held to the highest community service standards and are operating effectively and efficiently.

One of the many areas of qualification is the Audience Service Criteria.  You can read more about what makes up the criteria and how it is used to determine continued funding here.

The latest ASC calculations show NPR Illinois exceeds the qualifying levels again.

The NPR Illinois FY2016 Listening Index (LI) is based on the 91.9 WUIS signal in Mechanicsburg.

  • 28 - NPR Illinois LI
  • 10 - CPB Goal LI

The NPR Illinois FY2016 Community Financial Support Index (CFS)

  • 110 - NPR Illinois CFS
  •  89 - CPB Goal CFS

Audience Service Criteria Index Calculations
Credit NPR Illinois
Coverage Area Population (CAP) by county.
Credit Census.gov

CPB AFR Schedule A, Items 8-19
Credit CPB.org
Coverage Area Population (CAP) listeners per Average Quarter Hour (AQH) by county.
Credit RRC/Nielsen Audio