Mayors Stuck In Budget Pothole Over Gas Tax Holdup

Aug 26, 2015

Credit Gary Brown via Flickr (gsbrown99)

Portions of the gas tax collected when you fuel your car is supposed to go to municipalities, for road repairs like filling potholes, or for buying salt needed when it snows.

Instead, that money is trapped in the budget stalemate.

Statewide, $57  million in gas tax has been collected since July.   The measure at the Capitol would authorize releasing $146 million for costs through Sept. 30.

Macomb Mayor Michael Inman says the money is needed.

"Mayors find themselves in a holding pattern as we wait for the state to take action. Winter is fast approaching, and time is not on our side," Inman testified during a special House hearing Tuesday.

The Illinois House advanced a measure that would give municipalities three months' worth of the money they'd typically be due.

Democrats supported it, but Republicans say it's shoddy budgeting.