Mailboxes: A Casualty Of Winter Weather

Jan 28, 2014

Credit flickr/jkwerner2

If you're maintaining a city budget in Illinois you better keep some money on hand to pay for mailboxes. Lots of them.
Mailboxes that sit along the side of streets are frequent casualties of winter
Champaign city officials tell The News-Gazette ( ) that
over the past three winters at least 232 people have complained that snowplows
have damaged their mailboxes.
The repairs and replacements cost a combined $6,582. That doesn't include the
City public works spokesman Kris Koester says mailboxes are seldom struck by
the plow itself. Typically it's the snow and ice that a plow pushes into a
But Koester asks for patience in getting them fixed. That's because the repairs
are typically done by the same people driving the plows.