MacMurray College Scrapping Ten Programs

Oct 30, 2014

MacMurray College in Jacksonville is getting rid of ten academic programs due to low enrollment. 

The Board of Trustees approved the phase out of the programs, which include Elementary Education, English and History.

A statement from the school says the changes affect about 15 students.  Those currently enrolled in the programs will have opportunities to complete their degrees and no new students will be admitted.  The college says no layoffs are involved.

The programs being eliminated include: Chemistry Minor; Education Studies; Elementary Education; English; History; Liberal Studies: Music minor; Philosophy/Religion, Physical Education and Spanish.

The college says it will announce some new programs in the near future.

That comes on the heels of announcement last week by Springfield's Benedictine University which is laying off three quarters of its staff and cutting undergraduate programs to put a focus on adult learning.