Loyal Dog Spent Days Waiting Outside Hospital For Sick Owner

Jan 23, 2021
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Boncuk is back with her friend. Although Boncuk is a dog and Cemal Senturk of the Turkish city of Trabzon cares for and loves her, pet and owner don't seem quite the right words. Mr. Senturk was taken to the hospital on January 14. Boncuk chased the ambulance. Mr. Senturk's daughter took Boncuk to her home, but Boncuk - I can't bring myself just to say the dog - would run out through city streets to the hospital, according to Turkish outlets and Britain's Daily Mail. A hospital security guard told them that Boncuk would arrive every morning around 9:00 a.m. and wait in front of the hospital until nightfall. When the door opens, he said, she pokes her head inside. On Wednesday, Cemal Senturk was rolled outside in a wheelchair to be reunited with Boncuk, and the two of them went home together. She's very used to me, he said, and I miss her, too. From the photos, Boncuk appears to be a medium-sized white dog of no particular pedigree, except as a friend, of course.

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