Local Speaker Series Connects Central Illinois To The World

Mar 23, 2015

Credit Wikimedia Commons/Aivazovsky

If you want to learn about something, you need to listen to people that know about it.  And if what's going on in the world piques your interest, a good place to start is the World Affairs Council of Central Illinois.   

Weekly sessions on various topics get underway Tuesday, March 24 as part of the Great Decisions series. 

Frank Kopecky is on the board member and a retired UIS faculty member. He spoke with WUIS' Sean Crawford:

The weekly series takes place at the Laurel Methodist Church at Walnut and South Grand in Springfield.  Here is the full list:

1.  March 24    Russia and the Near Abroad    Discussion Facilitator:  Steve Schwark

2.  March 31  Sectarianism in the Middle East    Discussion Facilitator:  Ali Nizamuddin

3.  April 7  India Changes Course    Discussion Facilitator:  Mundira Khaund

4.  April 14  Brazil in Metamorphosis    Discussion Facilitator:  Roy Wehrle

5.  April 21  Syria's Refugee Crisis    Discussion Facilitator:  Kristi Barnwell

6.  April 28  Human Trafficking    Discussion Facilitator:  Frank Kopecky

Cost for the Series is $30 for members and $40 for nonmembers. Students may attend for $10. Additional family members can attend for $5 each.  The cost includes the Briefing Book for each participant or participant family. To register, send a check made payable to WACCI to P.O. Box 2233, Springfield, IL 62705.  Be sure to include your address and telephone number(s).  The deadline for registration is Friday, March 20.  For additional information, call Frank or Linda Kopecky at 529-3235, or e-mail at f.kopecky@comcast.net