Living with Cancer in Central Illinois: Diagnoses & Decisions

Apr 2, 2015

As new bio-technology and research make more and more information available to patients with cancer, they and their families often confront new and challenging decisions. Some risk factors for cancer can be inherited. Many have been linked to gene mutations. In some cases, people choose not to know if they carry any of the genes. Others choose to learn they carry a marker for cancer and must make the difficult decision of how to respond. Some increase screening, others undergo preventive surgery while they're healthy.

In "Living With Cancer In Central Illinois: Diagnoses & Decisions," We will hear from doctors, families and cancer survivors who've faced these decisions for their patients, themselves or their loved ones. NPR Illinois' Amanda Vinicky moderates a discussion with Rohit Bhargava, University of Illinois Professor of Bioengineering and Beckman Institute Faculty Member, Barbara Bello, RN, an oncology nurse with Presence Health, and Dr. Jo-mel Labayog, an Oncologist at Presence United Samaritans Cancer Center. 

This special program was produced by public television stations WILL-TV/WTVP-TV.