'The Legacy Wall' Honors Forgotten LGBT Figures

Oct 6, 2015

Learning about the past to change the future: it's a goal of many academic institutions. But when it comes to the LGBT community - not enough has been done to memorialize and honor figures who've been overlooked due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. That's the opinion of Victor Salvo - founder and director of The Legacy Project.

He's already made a successful effort in Chicago where bronze plaques on Halsted Street provide information on figures like writer James Baldwin and physician Margaret Chung. Salvo hopes The Legacy Wall — debuting in Springfield — will provide information to gay and trans teens so they can see positive things about their identity. The display in currently on exhibit at the Illinois State Library. Salvo joined WUIS to talk more about it:

For more information about The Legacy Wall, currently on display at the Illinois State Library in Springfield, click here.

The Legacy Wall: Springfield from The Legacy Project.