Independent Maps Has The Signatures To Get On Illinois' November Ballot

May 24, 2016

The group that wants Illinois to change the way it draws legislative boundaries has met another milestone to get the issue on the November ballot.

Independent Maps delivering signatures to the Illinois Board of Elections earlier this month.
Credit Sarah Mueller WUIS

The Illinois State Board of Elections said the Independent Maps coalition has enough valid signatures to get the constitutional amendment before voters.

Jim Tenuto, a spokesman for the board of elections, said board members will take up the matter next month.

"At the June meeting, the board will be presented with this and they'll vote that it meets the random sample and it should be placed on the ballot," he said.

Independent Maps wants a panel separate from politicians to handle redistricting. But a lawsuit was recently filed challenging the constitutionality of the proposed amendment. A court ruled a similar proposal by the group unconstitutional in 2014.​

Independent Maps spokesman Jim Bray said it will fight the lawsuit questioning the proposal's legality.

"Our lawyers feel comfortable that they've drafted an amendment that fits with what the constitution allows," he said.

 Oral arguments in the lawsuit are scheduled for June 30. Opponents say the plan doesn't go far enough to protect minority voting rights.