Immigrants and Refugees: A Dilemma for US Leaders and Society - Pamela Constable

Apr 18, 2017

On Illinois Edition, we hear an excerpt from this presentation which took place earlier this month.

The description is:

"Many politicians in the U.S. have stridently argued that immigration should be severely limited, while others have argued that restrictions on immigration should be relaxed. Pamela Constable, deputy editor for the Washington Post, will draw on her deep experience writing about immigration to give us insight into the pros and cons of current immigration policy. She will also delve into international perceptions of our policy. Pamela Constable is the Washington Post Bureau Chief in Afghanistan and Pakistan. She has been a newspaper reporter for 40 years and reported as a foreign correspondent from more than 40 countries, from Haiti and Chile to India and Iraq. Before joining the post in 1994 she worked for the Boston Globe, focusing on Latin America. She is the author of two non-fiction books on conflict, society and religion in South Asia and co-author of a book on military rule in Chile." 

Watch and listen to the presentation, here.