Illinois House Relaxes Session Schedule

Sep 25, 2015

Illinois continues to meander through a partial government shutdown. Even so, legislators are taking a break from Springfield.

In what was supposed to have been the final day of the spring session, May 31st, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan announced "The House will be in continuous session through the summer."

Well, summer's over. It's officially fall now. And the House won't be back in session for nearly a month -- not until Oct. 20.

Republican Rep. David McSweeney of Palatine says that's too long.

"We should be in nonstop, we should be around the clock," he said.

But Democratic Rep. Mike Zalewski of Riverside sees it differently -- given that the impasse shows no signs of breaking.

"Members are probably best served being back in their districts, listening to their constituents than coming down here and not accomplishing much for the people of the state of Illinois," Zalewski added.