Illinois Gets Corny: Law Makes Sweet Corn State Vegetable

Jul 16, 2015

Illinois now has an official state vegetable: corn.

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed it into law today without fanfare.

However, he's scheduled to attend an annual sweet corn festival this evening in Chatham, a suburb of Springfield. Local elementary school students had promoted making sweet corn the state vegetable as a class project.

The measure's sponsor, Sen. Sam McCann R- Carlinville, admitted during debate that some voters found the proposal a waste of time.

"I had a couple of emails from folks around the state saying that ... while the city walls are seemingly crumbling, why are you focusing on something like this? And of course the answer couldn't be more clear. We have to invest in the future leaders of our state and our nation."

The law takes effect immediately.

Rauner has yet to act on legislation that would make pumpkin pie Illinois' state dessert.